IMG_5324In today’s internet world, there are scores of authors, speakers, and so-called authorities in just about every niche you can imagine, so what gives me the right to start a business loan brokering coaching business?

First I want to confess that there hundreds or maybe even thousands of folks who know real estate and equipment finance better than I do. They are working in corporate jobs or banks all over the United States and the world for that matter. There are also probably 100’s of loan brokers who are better suited to start a business of this sort than I am. So why should you listen to me and why should I stop the self-deprecation of myself here on this “About Buzz Glover” page? The reality is… I am confident that there isn’t anyone else as qualified to discuss the true nature of entrepreneurship as I am when it comes to brokering business loans. You see, I stumbled into the loan brokering business after selling mailing equipment and owning a few other businesses. In fact, I have owned a bunch of businesses and now at the ripe age of 55, I can filter out what businesses will “buy yourself a job” (by the way, I think buying yourself a job is better than working in the corporate world) and what businesses really have a fantastic upside potential that can change your lifestyle dramatically. I can also filter out the businesses you can start that will require massive amounts of start-up capital and those that will not. This entrepreneurial  experience allows me to give insight into business ownership that not many others will be able to provide. The super sharp finance guys can try to call me out, but I know that my ability to get your started will be much greater than most because learning the finance part of this business is easy. Getting the processes in place and working a plan is the most important aspect of the business, with the finance aspect being secondary. I teach you both in my blog and my course material.

Here is quick snapshot of my jobs/career:

Delivered newspapers, restaurant busboy, lot boy car dealership, advertising sale representative-Pennysaver, advertising sales – yellow pages, mailing equipment salesman/manager, equipment finance salesperson, started and owned a small sign company, bought and owned a printing company, started and owned loan brokering business, started and owned a mobile billboard company, started and owned three car washes, authored a book about starting a car wash business, started a loan brokering consulting company, and finally started and owned a internet training company to teach business loan brokering. As you can see, I have a weird array of business ownership. I am proud to say that while some of the businesses I owned were not great successes, in most cases I was able to sell each of the businesses for a decent profit when I decided to move on.

Here is a quick snapshot of my education:

High school graduate, BS in communication

As you can see, I do not have the typical finance background that you would imagine you would need to become a business loan broker. But I did have well-rounded experience in business.

If you ever watched the CNBC program “The Profit”, the show mentor, Mark Lemonis goes in and buys struggling businesses that have some type of solid foundation of an idea or product. He says the same thing to every business owner that he considers writing a check to. You need three things in place to run a solid business. He calls them the “Three P’s”, Product, Process, and People. This is also the main goal for my students of My goal is to grow a solid community of loan brokers (People), teach them the correct way to run a loan brokering business (Process), and supply them with a knowledge of the various finance products they can offer for very lucrative fees (Product). My experience is what makes me great at this!

On a personal level, I live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. I am married and have three children, a girl age 16, and two boys aged 13 and 11. I am a huge Pittburgh Steeler fan (isn’t everyone from Pittsburgh a Steelers fan?). I love boating and being on the three rivers of Pittsburgh in my 30′ Sea Ray cruiser and I love golfing.

Please email me at if you have any other questions or comments about my past experience or about getting started as a business loan broker.