10 Things That will Cripple You In Getting Started In Your New Business

10 things that will cripple getting started in your new business…

  1. Waiting for the perfect name for your business.
  2. Waiting for the perfect logo.
  3. Waiting for the perfect website.
  4. Waiting to have the perfect business cards.
  5. Waiting to have the perfect brochure.
  6. Waiting while you decide on what type of corporation to form.
  7. Waiting to get the proper training.
  8. Waiting to set up your office.
  9. Waiting to start making relationships that can send you deals.
  10. Waiting….

Many of the questions that I receive each week are about non-essential aspects of the business. You will need to take action and start making decisions in the above area knowing that they will evolve over time. You can always change your logo, or you brochure, or your website over time. You can even change how you are organized as a corporation. Taking action in the primary of functions of creating relationships that can send you business is the #1 function and action you can take each day. It will make you highly successful or be your demise. The great thing about this is that you have control over this. The more relationships you create the better your business grows. That’s what is great about brokering business loans.