Anytime You Do Something The First Time Its Difficult, But It Gets Better!

My son and I at the 2016 US Open Golf Championship in 2016

I just dropped my 16 year-old son off at the prestigious Oakmont Country Club for his first time working as a golf caddy. Yes, this is the same golf course they play the US Open golf championship at every 10 years or so. I know my son was a bit nervous but I did my best to calm him down. I told him he knows what to do and what he needs to do is simple. “Carry the members golf bag, hand him the club he asks for, clean his ball after he gets on the green and marks it, rake the sand after a sand shot, keep an eye and track the golfer’s ball, and stay out of his way.” For you non-golfers out there, sometimes caddies are asked to give a golfer “a read”. This is a process of lining up where a golfer should hit their putt for it to roll near or possibly in the hole. I told my son if anyone asks him for a read simply say “sir, I will give you what I think is my best read but I want to let you know that this is my first day caddying here and I am not sure I know all the nuances of these greens yet”. A simple honest answer that most golfers who play would appreciate as an appropriate response. While I am a bit worried for his experience today, I know that he has a good foundation for being a good caddy. He plays on his schools golf team, I have played golf with him numerous times, and I also gave him a primer on what golfer’s expect from their caddy. With all this said, I also know he will probably have some problems today. He will make some mistakes, he might need some direction from other caddies or the caddie master or even who he is caddying for. It’s just the nature of things. The first time you do something, you feel uncomfortable. You are nervous. Sometimes you get a little “beat-up”, but if you do it a second and a third and a fourth time, it gets easier and easier and becomes second nature.

When you are running your loan business, the same thing happens. The first time you talk to a referral source it is nerve racking, it is uncomfortable, you get a little “beat-up”. The first time you get your first lead from a referral source and you call the borrower, you feel uncomfortable, a bit nervous, and sometimes you get a little “beat-up”. The first time you call a funding source with your first deal, you feel uncomfortable, a bit nervous, and sometimes you get little “beat-up”.  The problem with most new brokers is that let this uncomfortable situation get the best of them and they give up. When in fact, success can clearly be achieved by taking the lessons they learn on these early deals and make themselves better.

I hope my son gets a “good guy” to caddy for today, because some of these ultra-wealthy guys can be more demanding than others and even if he gets a jerk, he needs to show up again for a second outing, and a third outing, and a fourth, until it becomes second nature for him and he can reap some of the rewards that caddying for some of the most successful business people around Pittsburgh (and the nation) can bring to him. It’s simple to become good at caddying but, like everything, it’s hard to get the right mindset when you first start. You just need to stick with it. The same goes for loan brokering.