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The average small commercial real estate deal is $1.6 million dollars according to The Realtors. If you take into consideration the down payment an investor must come up with it will make the average commercial loan around $1.2 million dollars. The normal commission for a broker on a commercial real estate deal of this size is 1% equating to a $12,000 commission check. Starting a brokerage typically can be done with very little cash using most of the tools you already own, a desk, a computer, a phone. All you need it to learn the process. No finance experience is necessary!

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  • Great job, Buzz! You fulfilled and exceeded my expectations. Under-charged for the course. Promises and materials were met and exceeded....good communication and helpful guidance provided. May be tough to provide the one-on-one attention as course grows in coming years. Thanks, Buzz! Great stuff
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What is included in the "Life-Pivot" Business Loan Brokering Mastermind Course?

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Module #1 - Course Road Map

In this module we teach you the best way to approach the class and the content that follows.

Module #2 - Office/Business Set-Up

This module includes 6 submodules and guides you through some of the  initial decisions you will need to make including, naming your business, choosing your niche, gathering existing assets legal formation, your office, equipment you will need, and leasing space vs home office, state licensing requirements.

Module #3 - The Core Of Loan Brokering

This is the most expansive part of the teaching and it includes 35 sub-modules that covers much of the deep learning about many of the products you can broker within your business. It has a special emphasis on equipment finance and commercial real estate finance.

Module #4 How To Find Deals/Marketing

In this module I teach you the fastest and most efficient way to have a steady stream of deals come to you each week.

Module #5 Pricing and Packaging Your Deals

In this module I teach you how to package a deal for a funding source based on deal type and I also teach you how to read financial statements.

Module #6 Choosing and Matching A Funding Source

In this module, I teach you how and why you would choose one funding source over another based on the transaction.

Module #7 Documenation

In this module I teach you how funding sources will in most cases provide you with the documentation you need for your deals but also provide you with an outline of the documents you will need along with some templates that we supply.

Module #8 Growing Your Business

In this module I teach what could be some logical decisions to expand your business in both sales and/or credit functions.

Module #9 Advanced Training

In this module I teach you other areas that you could expand your knowledge within the business including associations, trade magazines, and certifications that are available (but not necessary).

Bonus Module #1 Fast Track Checklist

In this module, I provide you with a checklist to fast track your business

Bonus Module #2 Setting Up Your CRM, Facebook Group Page

In this module, I show you how to use your CRM and how to effectively use the "community" aspect of the business on the private Facebook group page.

Bonus Module #3 How To Handle Success

In this module I reflect on some of the mistakes I made after I created a robust brokerage.

Bonus Module #4 What To Do If You Have Bad Credit

In this module I show you how to start getting your credit back in order and how to overcome any hurdles that might be created in your business if you have a low credit score.

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